Mattress for large dogs

Mattress for large dogs with Aquaclean anti-stain fabric.

With top quality, 100% crushed polyurethane filling and fully removable to make cleaning easier. It includes Safe Front treatment against bacteria and dust mites.

Fabrics designed specifically for pets. With handle for easy transportation

Also available is our foldable mattress for large dogs, which is very useful for travelling, and for protecting your car or your sofa.


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Mattress for large dogs with Aquaclean anti-stain technology

cama para perro grande

The Decoland mattress for large dogs comes with Aquaclean anti-stain fabrics. You’ll be able to clean stains caused by your pet’s daily wear, with just a dampened cloth. These fabrics have been designed specifically for pets and they are highly resistant to scratches and tears. Also, you will be able to remove your pet’s hairs easily, as these fabrics prevent the hairs from getting into the fibres. Therefore, you can easily remove them with a brush or adhesive roller.

To ensure the greatest comfort for your dog, this bed for large dogs has the right amount of crushed polyurethane padding, which provides a lightweight product that is easy to transport, and at the same time, we make sure that it does not lose its shape over time due to your pet’s weight.

Our mattress design includes a handle at the front for easy transportation. This way, your dog can be comfortable anywhere in your home, next to the sofa while you watch a film, or on the patio while you’re reading. It has a non-slip base to prevent possible accidents.

If you have several small or medium-sized dogs, this mattress is your best option. They will feel safe and protected, sleeping or resting together on a mattress designed specially for them.

Our fabrics come with the Aquaclean anti-stain technology, and also the Decoland mattress for large dogs is fully removable so that you can easily wash it in the washing machine when necessary. Use this link to read more about our fabrics, specifically designed for use with your pets, and which will make your life easier.

You can see more beds for dogs on our website, such as for example our foldable travel mattress for dogs of all sizes.


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